OVK Framework Modules

OVK Framework For Machine Vision Modules

OVK Framework is a series of machine vision libraries focusing on image processing and intelligent analysis for industrial automation fields. OVK Framework contains various SDK (Software Development Kits) that is suitable for the software developers / application engineers by vision-based system integrators and equipment manufacturers. With excellent performance yet at cost-effective price, OVK Framework is the best choice for developing applications in precise manufacturing.

OVK Framework provide prototyping vision applications using ActiveX controls. Customized solutions can also be developed using Visual Basic/C++/C#/Basic/C++Builder/Delphi software architecture enable third party componets for process control, I/O and machine control to be easily added to the vision application.


  • Rich and reliable image processing and analysis libraries
  • Supports multi-core and multi-processor accelerators
  • Friendly developing environment
  • Supports 32bit and 64bit Windows operating systems
  • Automated optimized parameter setting
  • Flexible ROI and mask tools
  • Supports Visual Basic / Visual C++ / Visual C# / C++ Builder / Delphi / NI Labview
  • SDK contains rich sample codes and regular revision plan
  • No need to purchase expensive starter kit
  • Prompt technical support

Key applications

  • PCB inspection equipment
  • Wafer inspection equipment
  • TFT-LCD inspection equipment
  • Touch Panel inspection equipment
  • Mura defect inspection equipment
  • IC packaging inspection
  • Quantity counting
  • Printing color identification
  • Surface texture identification
  • Precious objects dimension measurement
  • OCR(Optical Character Recognition) equipment
  • 1D/2D Barcode Reading equipment

Image Analysis

Support image analysis function includes image arithmetic, morphological, rotation and warping, binary and statistics even camera cannot get a quality image. It could help user to use module to enhance or sharpen feature and remove excess noise.


Supports the measurement and calibration of image pixels. Users can easily get data for line intersection, point to point distance, point to line as well as circles or angels just simply by adjustment parameters.

Pattern match

The algorithm learns the variability of different angel’s images and teaching image in many different views. It makes software particularly useful in robotic pick and place application where parts may be presented at random orientations.


This calibrated color vision is useful for measuring and matching colorants in paint, plastics and fabrics. It evolved to reliably extract information about the material properties of objects seen under huge variations of illumination and view.


Supports a powerful coordinate transformation algorithm which helps users to calibrate images easily and accurately. This means the camera can be located anywhere with respect to your object, it does not have to be normal to the plane.


Gain reading capabilities of text based information, such as printed on labels, displayed on control panels of technical products or visible on metal surface could be captured, interpreted and processed. Similarly to humans, the systems can “read” information to take appropriate action.


Offers solutions to help solve challenges when designing 1D/2D barcode reader in factory automation and logistics for a faster camera time to market.

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