Vision Gauge Adapter

Vision Gauge Adapter

Vision Gauge is the measurement software will allow first-time adopters alike to set up and deploy solutions with little effort. The vision gauge provides advanced tools to suit diverse application needs machine measurement or inspection across all industries. Innomiles vision gauge software could be simply drag the file to your development windows without engineer coding. The system integration could add on your solutions on non-contact measurement within automation inspection, pattern matching or acquiring the gauge data even from high speed production line or compact object demanding condition.

Vision Gauge provides a drag-and-drop graphical interface for vision applications using ActiveX controls. Once configured, these controls are easily converted into Visual Basic, where they can be used directly in a deployable application. Customized solutions can also be developed using Visual Basic/C++/C#/Basic/C++Builder/Delphi software architecture enable third party componets for process control, I/O and machine control to be easily added to the vision application.

  • Drag-and-drop graphic interface
  • Active-x software component model for active content based
  • Measurement for diverse objects and shapes


The precision of proven edge detection algorithms can be even higher than 1/60 pixel up to 3.3 um.

Dragged and dropped

It is ideal for first time user without any coding requirement. Simply dragged to the appropriate GUI windows without extra software development effort. It will allow your software adapt gauge function by simply click.

Support multiple coordinate calibration models

More advanced methods can be used that consider with 3, 4, 9 or 16 consecutive points and which employ additional techniques to assure the highest precision.

Choose the Innomiles Gauge license for minimizing adaption, training and maintenance costs without coding needed.

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