Artificial Intelligence by Machine Vision from Innomiles Solutions

Machine vision is the technology and methods used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for applications such as automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance, usually in the manufacturing industry.

Machine vision is a term encompassing a large number of technologies, software and hardware products, integrated systems, actions, methods and expertise.

The 80 % production inspection by human could be replaced by machine vision.

Especially the current state of art products tend to design as compact as them can. It will be more challenging for human inspection of tiny components. Innomiles machine vision solutions will solve your problem while maintaining a high quality inspection rate.

The benefits are:

      • Enhancing production efficiency
      • Improving quality
      • Reducing labor cost
      • Decreasing risk for human in demanding work environment

Machine vision as a system engineering discipline can be considered distinct from computer vision, a form of computer science. It attempts to integrate existing technologies in new ways and apply them to solve real world problems.

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