New Products Category Make Machine Vision Easier

People often rise the question about what is Innomiles software difference with other companies. There is the article we would like to share with people.

First, we will try to compare with MVTech Halcon and Cognex because it will be the major players in the market.

Cognex VisionPro : It provides an easier to use interface for the non-programmer, low system software development license cost. It is equipped with an easier to use interface for the non-programmer, low system software development license cost. However the product direction are tended to a closed system architecture that forces users to buy their hardware. Comparing with functions, the calibration, measurement and also OCR, OCV have better performance.

MVTec Halcon: It cover significantly larger and powerful 2D and full scope 3D machine vision library. It supports higher bit depth image processing, GPU acceleration. MVTech only focus is machine vision for PC and embedded vision processing with total hardware independence, but take longer learning curve of non-programmer even simpler applications can take longer to deploy. It supports various algorithm more and better block analysis performance.

So the major plays in the markets, they have pros and cons. How Innomiles SDK could compete with them? We make some product road map could cover middle or small manufactory site or simple applications as product category below:

OVK Frame SDK: It has price advantage comparing with Halcon SDK. Even you need to have more engineer effort basing on it. But if your engineer has image background, it supposes take 1-3 months to familiar with our library.

VAlign and VGauge: It support the system integrator who doesn’t have image background in the beginning.   Just simply drag and play from the Windows to your programming, then it will be equipped with machine vision function of either calibration or measurement.

InBlob and InMSR: you don’t need the programmer background, just give you simple instruction and slim modification according to your request criteria of block defective and measurement function. Although it may not so fully function as VisionPro but we could offer the slim customization if needed also it is flexible to use third party camera as your alternative.

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