Your smart vision via smart camera

Innomiles embedded powerful onboard processors and imaging sensors into an all-in-one vision system. It will be easier to integrate with industrial automation devices including human machine interfaces (HMIs), robotics, sensors, and industrial machinery. It can configure smart cameras with Innomiles OVK frame SDK tool for automated inspection and synchronize the camera with production line.

Innomiles smart camera combines fast image sensing, efficient embedded processing for an effective all-in-one vision system. It comes with a CMOS image sensor of choice. The excellent sensor platform for high-speed image data acquisition with embedded code-reading algorithm. It features an IP rating housing allowing it to operate in dusty, wet and other demanding conditions.

Here are some key specifications with coming new products:

  • Intel Brasewell E-8000 processor, quad core @1.04 Ghz
  • Configuration with DDR3L-1600 for 4GB and 32G eMMC SSD
  • Selection platform either Windows 10 1oT (x 64) or Linux
  • Compatible with Debian Linux 8.x, 9.x/Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

The main features:

  • Integrator with tool library
  • Light software controller
  • Software development kit integrated
  • Installs comfortably in confined and dirty industrial environments by way
  • Synchronizes to the manufacturing
  • Programs effectively for vision inspection and guidance

It will be available to the sample pilot run. Please come to talk to us for any sample trial.

For detail product information , please feel free to contact with right now!