Medical Dispenser For Small Clinic

Barcode scanner have implement into automatic tablet packing machine for small clinic medical dispenser.

It has equipped with industrial computer, 2D barcode module as well as touch screen and printer.  It will receive prescription from doctor sever and automatically pack into the individual patient’s prescription.   The machine could come out the inventory report by daily base and also pre-alarm for safety inventory level of reordering system. It creates a cost-saving inventory management system.

By scanning each item’s bar code label when refurbish inventory each time. It will automatically track items while updating inventory levels.  This allow appropriate reorder points for optimal inventory practices to be set. Keeping an accurate and reliable inventory database also allow for better forecasting of purchasing.

It could prevent the potential risk taken by staff while pack the prescription. So it is not only the packing machine but an inventory control to provide the more efficient and accurate working flow chat for limited resource clinic.

  • Save the labor cost for small clinic
  • Eliminate potentail risk by human mistake
  • Enchance the reputation

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