2D barcode PDF417

PDF417 For Russian’s alcohol to Track & Trace For Retailors

From January this year, all alcohol wholesalers and retailers in Russia began their integration into the country’s electronic tracking and monitoring system ( EGAIS).  In addition, the system has been extended to beer products, which means that all beer manufacturers must now also enter the system. It sought to create an effective means of increasing excise tax revenues, combating illicit trade and providing quality products to it’s population.

The PDF417 code, on the other hand, is printed onto each stamp by the alcohol producers on their production lines. It contains a broad range of information on the particular product it is attached to, the name of the producer, and the intended destination – in addition to the same tax stamp data as that contained in the datamatrix.

However, if the code is not confirmed, or if data discrepancies are identified, the retailer won’t be able to sell the product.  It turns how crucial of the barcode reader should provide excellent reading performance on critical barcode.  The Innomiles scanner is equipped with aggressive decoding capabilities of high performance and imagers ensure good reads every time and protect a company’s most valuable time and data.

The key feature for the 2D Handheld scanner are:

  • Decoding capability:

    1D: all standard 1D codes including GS1 databar
    2D: QR code, Micro QR Code, PDF417, Micro PDF417, Data Matrix, Aztec,MaxiCode

  • Resolution(Maximum): 5 mils
  • Depth of field:

    Code 39: 5.5 miles: 1 to 8 cm
    UPC-A: 13 miles: 2 to 20 cm
    PDF417: 6.8 miles: 4-13 cm

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