Innomiles International Expands its Business to Africa

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing Innomiles will soon to establish a South African entity in early 2019 due to the operational needs of the business.

The potential of the African market is beyond any imagination. South Africa is the most economically matured market and is the undisputed financial and economic leader of the African continent. Innomiles International will set up Innomiles International South Africa with local partners based in Johannesburg , the financial trading capital of South Africa. We are eager to see the great combination consisting of Asia’s mature technologies and resources with the advantage of Africa’s local market resources to create a win-win situation.

Innomiles will initially introduce products and solutions relevant to public and driving safety. We will work with South Africa’s outstanding local system integrators to contribute to better security and traffic safety in South Africa.

As you could realize it will be a lot benefits to select closed source software as Innomiles.  Come to reach us for further information