Machine Vision Design Service

Utilizing cutting-edge image processing and analytics technologies, Innomiles provides a total solution for machine-vision design service.  First of all, we provide software design service, which is defined in three layers: machine vision librariesfunction modules and GUI.

Innomiles owns a complete series of machine vision libraries: image enhancement, processing, blob analysis, pattern match, measuring, etc., and further new algorithms are under our research and development continuously for various advanced industrial needs.

Combining machine vision libraries, motion control and communication protocols, a series of practical function modules are offered for fulfilling the real applications.

Based on the machine vision software, Innomiles also extends the design service to system integration and collaborated with the major vendors of IPC, optical design parts (industry camera, lens and light) as well as automation parts, we design and integrate a complete machine vision system. Employing this system, customers can easily build up their inspection or manufacturing equipment.  According to customers’ required system specification (resolutions, precision and speed), Innomiles always selects the most cost-effective and reliable hardware solutions for our system integration service.

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