Machine vision to recognize the dice value and locations

Innomiles had co-work together to demonstrate the machine vision application in the ATX exhibition in New York. It implements with Innomiles software and hardware also were programming by Keox to system integrate.

The dice was recognized by camera not only the value but also the location and size.  It was used the bob analysis and image gauging tools after image capture.  We taught machine vision software to learn about dice value.  It could clarify the dice with same row by robot.  The software also learned to detect the height of dice row.  If it is too high and the robot moves dice back over to the conveyor and gives an alarm.

It is demonstrated the measurement, block analysis and also alignment function.  It could inspect production line product by dimension in omnidirection and also multiple objects in the same time even high speed.  Contact with Innomiles for any product line inspection by machine vision technology.  We could work on  customization design according to your production line condition and make the software effort for you.

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