Why people need to pay closed source software?

There are many machine vision software products on the market already and some are open source and free to use, so why should customers select Innomiles?

Open source machine vision software is more likely to contain raw data from the internet. It requires experienced engineers to collect and study this data and is very time-consuming. Another issue with open source software is the cost involved in replacing these experienced engineers should they decide to leave the company. Based on these reasons, it is definitely worth investing in purchasing our licensed software from the start.  It is because the closed source software providing better service and security for sure.

There are many benefits for purchasing closed source software, but why should customers select ‘Innomiles’ as their preference. There are three levels available to users, the top level is for the more advanced users and gives them the capability to write and configure the program and perform simple integration. The second level allows users to write and configure the program but not perform system integrations but they can find sub-contractors to perform this service. The bottom level means the user has little understanding about machine vision and they are not capable of writing or configuring the program. For system integrations, there is definitely more add-on value for the second and bottom level user. Innomiles software could let system integrations to write tailor made programs to create a solution enabling a higher profit margin. It firms up system integration with the user allowing for stable and long lasting business relations.

As you could realize it will be a lot benefits to select closed source software as Innomiles.  Come to reach us for further information sales@innomiles.com